About Project


Social media application -- nightlife wallet designed for patry people; in app payments are used instead of cash and credit cards.

Key Features

  • Table reservation
  • In app chats
  • List of clubs
  • In app payments
  • Each club has their profile
  • In app bar
  • Feed and promotions
  • Send a drink
  • Split bill
  • Custom Cocktail mixer

Why use this app

  • No more cash? No problem. Finally, no more ATM/GAB fees. Hoozy allows you to buy drinks directly from your iPhone. Choose a drink from your checked-in location and present it to the bartender to confirm your purchase and receive your drink!
  • Check-in any bar or nightclub to access their drink menu. Also see where your friends are checked-in and join them!
  • Send a drink to any Hoozy user or friend on your contact list checked-in to a bar/club or restaurant.
  • Making a table Reservation has never been faster. Select a nightclub or restaurant and create your reservation.
  • Don't know where to go? See the go-to events and special events of the night by scrolling through the Hoozy home feed.

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