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Ideal Candidate

  • 1. You are a business owner or a specialist and know your field of work perfectly and how to improve/automate it;
  • 2. You are a leader who is passionate about the customer, the problem being solved, and the solution to be developed.
  • 3. The idea must be unique (or be a unique twist of an existing idea)
  • 4. The business must have a unique selling proposition. We give preferences novel ideas and startups that push the envelope rather than those that simply copy a competitor.
  • 5. The business must have “the three customers”
    • The individual entity who purchases one product or service, this is the ‘core’ focus of any business
    • The body or group who can be given an incentive to sell 1,000′s of products on your behalf to their network, clients or staff
    • The company who will acquire the business in the future
  • 6. The idea should have an instant monetization model – that is businesses that can start earning money the day they launch. We do invest in alternate business models, however there must be a significant and demonstrable advantage. Ideally we will look to return at least $100,000 in revenue within the first year of the online business being operational.

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