QA/QC Auditor App

About Project


QA/QC auditing tool is used in multiple domains where Quality & Compliance inspections are required i.e. Healthcare, Workplace, Hospitality, Vehicle inspections etc.

Key Features

  • Branching and nesting of sub-categories
  • Multiple sections within an audit
  • Administrator controls to lock down cloud uploading
  • Custom heading fields and email subject lines
  • Default email address can be setup for all audits
  • Time stamps and date stamps for sections
  • Media gallery
  • Export profiles
  • Multiple export formats
  • Signature fields
  • Scoring
  • Customisable audit forms
  • Rich reports
  • Image annotation and mark-up
  • GPS Location
  • Shared template library
  • Follow-up actions and scheduling
  • Inspection Template sharing

Why use this app

  • Sync logic
  • In app take/add/edit pictures
  • Push notifications
  • Signature at the end of each inspection

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