Summary: This app will allow you to swap shifts, message co-workers and see your schedule with ease.
It is the must have app for any worker who would like a great work managing tool.

The ergonomic and simple layout of the home page assembles all of your tools in 3 sections which facilitates the use of the app.

The first sections, contains your basic profile information such as your picture, your workplace’s name and position all while having the possibility to manage your account.

The second section, called the “Swap Center” is where you will be able to view the swap offers you’ve posted and the swap offer’s you’ve received.

The third section, called the “Essentials” contains important tools that will allow you to manage your work, you will able to see your schedules, co-workers and your swapping history.\
Web Services Key Features:
  • No more need to call each co-worker individually to change shifts
  • No more need to scroll through your photos to find your week’s schedule
  • Message your co-workers on a professional application (In-app purchase)
  • Easily accept or deny shift swap offers from your co-workers
  • Easily view co-worker’s schedules
  • Notify manager when your shift swap offer get’s accepted (In-app purchase)